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Never let you go...Ch 5
Yo! What’s up, people? If no one has a opinion on the whole Kevin thing, then by default, I’ll make him evil, meaning he won’t have much protection from Ben’s fury when he flies off the handle. Is this what you want? Yes? OKAY THEN! Unless by some miracle someone tells me not to, I shall allow Ben to beat the tar out of him! ALRIGHTY THEN! Now that that is settled, this fic is going to take a more disturbing turn. Be warned, mentions murder and destruction. Prepare to see why Ben is scared…Insanity isn’t pretty…
“Grandpa…You’re joking, right?” Surprisingly, Ben spoke first.
“Why would I be joking? Ben, what’s wrong?” Max asked, wondering why the cheerful atmosphere had disappeared in a single moment.
“I’m not going.” Ben said.
“Now, Ben, your parents just want to see how you’re doing.” Max was dumbfounded. He had expected Gwen to protest, not Ben.
“Have you forgotten exactly why the
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Never let you go...Ch 4
Hi everyone! Sorry for being so emo last chapter, I guess I was just feeling a little lonely. BTW, I’ll warn you now, this chapter is probably not my best work…Just so you know.
It was about five in the morning when Ben rejoined the world of the living. He lay still, unmoving, not even bothering to open his eyes. ‘No nightmares? That’s new…what’s that smell?’ the smell wasn’t bad, actually, it was very nice and soothing. It reminded him of fruit, but there was something else, something very familiar. Suddenly, it hit him. ‘Gwen…It smells like…Gwen…’ Ben shifted, trying to get closer to wonderful scent. He felt two arms wrap around him and pull him close to something very soft. Ben’s eyes shot open and he looked down at Gwen’s arms, which were wrapped loosely around him. He was semi-horrified to realize that the soft thing he was using as a pillow was Gwen’s chest. “Gwen?” Ben whispered, not wantin
:iconkojiryuzaki:KojiRyuzaki 3 5
Never let you go...Ch 3
I must say I am slightly disheartened by the lack of reviews for my last chapter…Oh well, I got some, and that’s all that matters.
“I’m not sure what happened between you and Ben, but I’m glad he’s back to normal.” Max said to Gwen as Ben nearly teleported to the arcade. Gwen frowned.
“He’s not…He’s hiding something, I can tell…I know Ben better than you would think. He’s hiding something, and it’s hurting him…I just hope he tells me what it is so I can help him.” Gwen said softly. Max noted a small amount of loving tenderness and worry on her face as she watched Ben playing game after game.
“Gwen, you don’t have to do this alone. I care about Ben just as much as you do. Now, why are you looking at him like that? What could Ben have possibly said to make you worry so much?” Gwen realized her blunder and wiped her face clean of emotion.
“Grandpa…could you ever see Ben going insane wi
:iconkojiryuzaki:KojiRyuzaki 3 7
Never let you go...Ch 2
I’ve noticed that Gwevin fans only real defense for Ben 10,000 and Ken 10 is that it was possible future…Thus most fics reflect that. Well, here’s to you, Gwevin fans. Not only does that not ensure Gwevin, it helps us Bwen fans as well, cause anything could happen. You want to play the possible future card? Fine. Two can play that game.
“Ben! What’s wrong with you?” Gwen was very concerned now. ‘What is he talking about? Never let me go? Why does he think I’m going to die?’ “Ben! Stop being such a doofus crybaby and tell us why you’re so upset!” ‘There! A good old insult should snap him back to normal…’
“I…I…I just had…” Ben mumbled the last part, looking ashamed, as if he had committed a horrible crime.
“Sorry, didn’t catch that. Could you say that again, without mumbling?” Gwen said impatiently. ‘The sooner he answers, the sooner he’ll get off of me. He’s
:iconkojiryuzaki:KojiRyuzaki 6 10
Never let you go...Ch 1
My sequel to “I just love you, Gwen” isn’t going well…so I will try my hand at something different…
‘Where am I?’  Fifteen year old Ben Tennyson thought. ‘It’s so dark…I can’t see anything…’ He looked around. Darkness was everywhere. Suddenly, light spread across a horrific landscape. Destroyed buildings littered the area, houses were left in rubble, skyscrapers snapped in half, apartments burning…Blood…bodies littered the ground, crushed, beaten, stabbed…there was so much BLOOD! In the distance, a large white and red giant was wreaking havoc, destroying all in its path. ‘Way Big? I have to stop it!’ Ben reached down to activate the Omnitrix…which wasn’t there. ‘What? What’s going on?’ He spotted a military jeep nearby. ‘And the universe provides. I suppose learning to hotwire cars really does come in handy.’ Ben drove through the streets, trying to avo
:iconkojiryuzaki:KojiRyuzaki 4 3
So...What now, Ben? ch. 2
Let me warn you now, There will be partial crossovers, OCs, and a history on said OCs in this fic…don’t like, well, there’s not much I can do about that…sorry bout that…
Gwen raised the sword…and in one swift motion, ripped the pole out of Shinji’s chest and hurled them both at Kenji.
“What do you think you’re doing?!” Kenji yelled as he dodged the two projectiles. “Have you gone insane? We had him!”
“Your ploy might have worked if I hadn’t shot my mouth off at Koji and called him a coward. I don’t know why you’re back, but you must be the ‘misguided and jealous biological son’ he spoke of. You called him your father, Shinji your brother, and you are clearly related to Koji, judging you by your resemblance to him. We will not do your dirty work!” Gwen yelled. “Shinji, can you still fight? We can’t beat him ourselves…”
“At my current level, beating me would be child
:iconkojiryuzaki:KojiRyuzaki 4 4
I just love you, Gwen ch. 6 AE
I must say, I’m slightly disappointed that at the lack of right…no wait, no guesses on  who was the good and bad guy in “So, what now, Ben?”… Oh well, I suppose I didn’t do as well as I hoped in this fic, so, no real loss…I guess I should have had a definite end to this one, rather than try to tell what happened in flashbacks in the aforementioned fic…
There are many ways a story can begin, and there are just as many ways it can end…This is one such ending…
“I guess I have some explaining to do…” Ben said nervously as Sandra, Carl, Lily, and now Ken stood waiting.
“What’s there to explain? Ben loves Gwen as more than a cousin, and Gwen loves Ben.” Frank said, a grin enveloping his entire face. “I’m sure Dad could explain the rest, right, plumber extraordinaire? So, when’s the wedding?”
“Frank! You shouldn’t encourage them! This is wrong, immoral behavior!” Lily s
:iconkojiryuzaki:KojiRyuzaki 8 3
So...What now, Ben? ch. 1
Before I start writing, I want to warn all of you that my older sister is onto me…She knows a little bit about Ben 10 and Ben and Gwen…I managed to mislead her for a little while, but it’s only a matter of time until she looks it up on wikapedia and finds out Ben and Gwen are cousins. Not everyone in my family is as open minded as me…She’ll tell my parents, and I’ll be sent off to the therapists more often than I already do…I don’t want to stop writing for these two, but my parents already think I’m disturbed due to my mind being all kinds of open. You can tell that I’m not related to anyone in my family…My parents find out about this, and they’ll be pissed beyond reason. Oh well, I'm 18, so there isn't much they can do about it.
It’s been years since that fateful day…
“And I asked what that had to do with anything, and Kai got all pissy, glared at me and stormed off. Seriously, I think everyone but me figured i
:iconkojiryuzaki:KojiRyuzaki 6 4
I just love you, Gwen ch. 5
Okay, everyone who read the last chapter, I changed it a little. I want people’s HONEST opinion on my story. If you hate it, tell me. Love it, tell me. Another thing: anyone who has a problem with evil angels, if I write a sequel, DON’T READ IT!
“You!” Gwen yelled, her sorrow transforming into rage. “This is your fault!”
“How is Ben’s untimely demise my fault?” Koji asked calmly.
“You…You…YOU UNFEELING ASSHOLE!” Gwen shouted in her fury, firing a magic spell at Koji, who moved his hand as if to brush it aside. The blast seemed to hit an invisible wall.
“Do not pick a fight with me, because few have survived doing so.” Koji said in that infuriatingly calm voice.
“You knew! You knew what was going to happen to Ben!” Gwen’s eyes were full of angry tears as she hurled spell after spell at Koji.
“You are as much to blame as I.”
A laser bolt passed through the barrier that Koji had erected and
:iconkojiryuzaki:KojiRyuzaki 11 11
I just love you, Gwen ch. 4
Me: Thank you, Darthdragon, bengwen014, and LyokoBarbossa (from deviantart) for commenting and giving me the confidence to continue this fic. Please note: this fic WILL have a happy ending (as long as you like Bwen!), no matter how it seems it won’t. I own Nothing! (’cept Koji)
It all makes sense…Gwen thought remembering all the signs. “If he could have cheated on Julie with me, he wouldn’t have been with her at all…In Julie’s eyes, I stole Ben’s heart away from her. He wouldn’t date Kai because I didn’t like her. My fight with him hurt him…I told him not to talk to me…and he hasn’t. He did trust my judgment…” unbidden, yesterdays dream came to mind. “All this time…My heart was trying to get through to me…and I was shutting it out…WHAT DO I DO?!”
“Well, you can start by telling me what’s really going on with Ben.” Franks voice came from her doorway. “I won’t judg
:iconkojiryuzaki:KojiRyuzaki 10 4
I just love you, Gwen ch. 3
Me: strange… People seem to like this story…Keep reviewing, keep me writing, and I’ll write a sequel. Now, as all you should know I own nothing but Koji .
Gwen was backed up against the wall, hands pinned as Kevin kissed her passionately. (A/N: GAG! *claps hand over mouth and runs to the bathroom* sorry bout that…*shudders* too gross for words). His hands wandered as he devoured her mouth. “Kevin…you said we would wait…until the honeymoon…” (OMG! Shoot me now for typing that!!)
“I can’t wait that long! I want you NOW!” Kevin said hotly.
“Kevin!” Gwen said, a little more forcefully. Then she saw someone she wasn’t expecting. “Ben?!” Ben slowly walked toward them, face blank, and put the palm of his hand on the back of Kevin’s head. Kevin’s eyes slid out of focus for a moment, then returned to normal.
“Fine, I’ll wait till the honeymoon. But no later!” Kevin said, then walked awa
:iconkojiryuzaki:KojiRyuzaki 11 7
I just love you, Gwen chapter
Phone: Ring Ring!
Man of Action: Hello, this is Man of action
Me: You’re screwing up Ben 10! Did you know? Give me the rights and I’ll fix it for you.
MOA: *hangs up*
Me:…Damn… Well, it was worth a try.
Last time, on “I just love you, Gwen….
“Gwen, I want to thank you for all your help” Sandra said, wiping her eyes.
“My job’s not over yet. I’m going to follow him again to try and find out more about the bitch cold enough to do this to Ben. It better not be anyone I know.” Gwen said anger evident in her eyes.
“Hey, Julie! You got a moment?” Gwen called as she jogged up to Julie as she left the tennis courts. “I want to ask you a few things about Ben.”
“I see. You came to rub my face in it, didn’t you? Haven’t you done enough already?” Julie said angrily.
“Wha- What are you talking about? I just wanted to know why you two broke up. What did-” Gwen started to ask, but Julie cut he
:iconkojiryuzaki:KojiRyuzaki 13 5
I just love you, Gwen
Disclaimer: If I owned it, it would be less confusing and Bwen would be an established pairing, not the contradicting Gwevin pairing. Don’t own the song either.
“I can’t believe Kevin finally asked me to marry him!” Gwen squealed as she tried on her sixteenth wedding dress. “I’ve waited so long for this! This wedding has to be perfect, right Mom, Aunt Sandra?”
“Of course dear. Once we pick out your dress, we should get started on invitations, right Sandra? Sandra? Is there something wrong?”
Sandra jumped when Gwen tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention. “Sorry, I had something on my mind.” Gwen and her mom looked at her expectantly. “It’s just that something is going on with Ben. Lately he’s been acting strange, locking himself in his room, not talking to any of his friends, and he doesn’t eat as much as he normally does. Did you k
:iconkojiryuzaki:KojiRyuzaki 31 10


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To all you girls out there, here's a little insight on the male mind. I don't know how YOU think, but we guys aren't all clueless or desperate. If a guy likes you, you like him, DON'T go around flirting, trying to make him ask you out. We DO NOT appreciate having our hearts ripped out and toyed with. We DON'T like being manipulated. I know it's a popular method, "make the guy jealous" but tell me this: Would YOU like it? Guys are plentiful, true. You could rip one heart out play with it give it back and have the guy thank you, but I despise any girl who would do such a thing. Some guys are scum, true. Some guys use said methods, true. But that doesn't make it right. There is a reason they call it ripping someones heart out, cause it hurts like hell! If you know he likes you don't toy with him. Guys, the same goes for you. If you are trying to find out whether or not someone likes you, the moment you find out, STOP!!! CAUSE IT HURTS! IT'S LOW AND DEMEANING!


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